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Feb 3, 2020 10:16 AM

A list of team championships since Pacific League came into existence in the fall of 1977.

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Nov 16, 2021 8:57 PM

History of Pacific League

Pacific League was created in the fall of 1977 and its core remained relatively untouched through 2004. The charter members were Naselle, North Beach, Quinault, South Bend, Willapa Valley, and Wahkiakum. Pe Ell was admitted in 1981 and was a member until 1996. In 1986, Pacific League expanded to include Wishkah, Mary M. Knight, and Oakville; the same year Wahkiakum left the league. North Beach, Ocosta, and Raymond have been in the league at different times for extended periods but have also been in the 1A classification. Taholah High School came into existence in 1991 and was also admitted into the league. Northwest Christian (Lacey) entered the league in 1998 and also played football from 2006-2011. North River was a member from 2004-06. Tacoma Baptist has had several periods of membership - for football only from 1991-95, again in 2004-05; and was a full member from 2006-08.

Pacific League has undergone radical changes recently, the first of which came in the fall of 2006, when WIAA created the 1B classification. At that time the league lost Mary M. Knight, North River, Oakville, Quinault, and Taholah. Another drastic change came in 2014, when the league lost charter member Naselle to the 1B ranks but gained Ilwaco, Chief Leschi, Life Christian, Rainier, and Tacoma Baptist; that same year, Willapa Valley entered into a combine with Pe Ell for football, baseball, and softball. In 2016, Tacoma Baptist left for the 1B classification and Rainier left to join the Central League. Pe Ell re-entered Pacific League in 2018. In 2020, the league lost Willapa Valley and Pe Ell to the 1B ranks and Life Christian to the 1A ranks. They also welcomed Forks from the 1A classification.

Notable contributors from our league to WIAA and District IV

L.J. Crogstad – Valley principal – WIAA Executive Board member 1950-53

Gareth Giles – South Bend superintendent – first District IV secretary 1967-75; WIAA Executive Board member 1967-75; WIAA presents Gareth Giles Award annually to individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership and dedication to students and schools

Dick Grabenhorst – Naselle superintendent – District IV secretary from 1975-1995; WIAA Executive Board member 1976-82

Cliff Gillies – South Bend HS graduate who, in addition to his long career in education, served as WIAA Executive Director from 1982-93

Rich Frazer – Raymond HS graduate who, after retiring from career as a coach and principal, served as District IV secretary from 1995-2014

Longtime AD’s & coaches – Lyle Patterson, Naselle; Don Koplitz, South Bend; Bud Sanchez, Willapa Valley; Rick McDougall, Wishkah; Ed Garity, North Beach; Bob Sutter, North Beach; Jeff Hasu, Raymond; John Peterson, Willapa Valley; Barb Rasmus, Ocosta; Tom Sanchez, South Bend; Don Weisel, South Bend; Bertha Koplitz, South Bend; Bev Burgi, Willapa Valley; Steve Tolva, Naselle; Doug Makaiwi, Raymond; Jim Henrie, Raymond; Rob Friese, Willapa Valley; Debbie Denny-Klinger, Naselle; Tom Betrozoff, Willapa Valley & South Bend; Steve Lazelle, South Bend; Larry Moore, North Beach; Gary Wilson, South Bend; Jackie Sanchez, South Bend; Jason Koski, Raymond

Milestones of our league

State championships while a member of Pacific League – 46 to date...

Ilwacoboys golf, 2016; (B boys basketball, 1959; A girls track, 1985; several state championships in 1A golf)

Life Christiangirls soccer, 2017; (several state championships in 1A golf)

Naselle – boys track, 1986-87

Northwest Christian – girls cross country, 2006-14; girls track, 2007, 2013, 2017-18; boys golf, 2008; boys cross country, 2008, 2009, 2014-19; baseball, 2009; boys track, 2011

Ocosta – girls cross country, 2015; (A boys basketball, 1971)

Raymond – girls basketball, 1989; girls golf, 1992; football, 1993; boys track, 2014-15; (several state championships in the A classification before entering Pacific League)

South Bend – boys track, 2004; football, 2010; (A boys track, 1963)

Tacoma Baptist – girls track 2008; (several state championships in the 1A classification, and as a 2B member of District 3)

Wahkiakum - girls basketball, 1980; (B boys basketball, 1964)

Willapa Valley – football, 1978-79, 1996, 2001; boys basketball, 1981; boys track, 2002; boys golf, 2003

Wishkah – girls basketball, 1995